ENS Paris-Saclay international scholarship for Research Stay-PhD, France

ENS Paris-Saclay international scholarship for Research Stay-PhD, France

ENS Paris-Saclay international scholarship for Research Stay-PhD, France

Application deadline: January 31, 2022


École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay (ENS Paris-Saclay) component institution of Université Paris-Saclay offers high-level cultural and scientific training. In addition to the international master’s scholarship program of Université Paris-Saclay, ENS Paris-Saclay is renewing its international scholarship program open to incoming mobility – for up to two semesters – for the best international students and PhD students who wish to integrate a training into one of its 11 teaching and research departments or to conduct research in one of its 14 laboratories.

This program is aimed at incoming students planning to:

  • After completing a first year of a master’s degree (M1) from Université Paris-Saclay, to complete a
    second year of a master’s degree (M2) from Université Paris-Saclay for which ENS Paris-Saclay
    is the operator (Annex 1);
  • Do part of their doctorate (in cotutelle or co-directing) in a laboratory of ENS Paris-Saclay; The
    scholarship is then paid for a period of 6 months or 12 months, or for two disjointed periods of 6
    months, possibly over two separate university years, subject to conditions;
  • Carry out research (research stay) for a maximum of a 6 months’ period in one of the ENS ParisSaclay’s laboratories, for students, from their last year of Bachelor to PhD, already registered in a
    university abroad (or equivalent institution of higher education).


For PhD candidates who are applying for a grant on two separate periods of 6 months each, an assessment
by the PhD supervisor will be required to rule on the continuation of the grant’s payment for the second

  • Co-financing with certain French Embassies and Fulbright co-financing form an integral part of the ENS
    Paris-Saclay international scholarship program;
    To apply for this program, you have to:
    – Be citizens of a foreign country or French citizens, studying for at least two years in a university
    – Be citizens of a foreign country and having completed the M1 in one of Université Paris-Saclay’s
    master’s programs;
    – Never have been a scholarship or grant holder of this program in the previous years and not be an
    awardee of another scholarship program for the same training;
    – Never have been an awardee of a previous campaign of this program, except for specific cases
    authorized by ENS Paris-Saclay;
    – Be among the best students of your program;
    – Possess a good knowledge of the teaching language (French or English, depending on the language of
    teaching or the domain and the work or research environment). An official language certificate (DILF,
    DELF, DALF, FLE, TOEIC, TOEFL) will be required.
    In every way, the candidate is obliged to:
    – Follow the program to which the grant has been awarded and on the declared duration;
    – Respect diligence and punctuality obligations to courses and / or research stay;
    – Not to change training for which the scholarship has been awarded;
    – In case of resignation, alert, without delay, his or her educational supervisor and the International
    Relations Office ([email protected]);
    – In case of failure to respect all conditions, the scholarship will be terminated immediately.


  • The costs associated with the stay at the ENS (schooling, Student and Campus Life Contribution
    (CVEC), accommodation, library, student life, local transport, etc.) are the responsibility of the
  • Academic results and motivation are the elements taken into account by the awarding board.

Research stays must take place in an ENS Paris-Saclay laboratory in order to keep the scholarship;
– For PhD students and students accepted in a research stay, a “statement of hosted staff” at ENS Paris-Saclay must be done with the Directory of Human Resources;
– With one exception, the ENS Paris-Saclay international scholarship program is not cumulative with any other type of financing;
– For a reception at the PhD level, the program allows to finance the candidate by a monthly grant of 1,000 euros over a period of 10 months;
– For a research stay, the program allows to finance the candidate by a monthly grant of 800 euros over a period of 6 months;
– For a research stay or PhD applications, the program is open from June 1st, 2020 to January 31st, 2021. However, applications must be completed at least 3 months before the beginning of the stay.


Contact the head of the laboratory and / or your thesis co-director: ENS Paris-Saclay’s laboratories;
– Until January 31st, 2022 – Upon the laboratory’s proposition, the SRI will send the scholarship application form to preselected students and PhD students;
– At least 3 months before the start of the stay – The candidate will send back the scholarship application form filled out by email to the head of the laboratory and / or the thesis co-director and to the International Relations Office at the following address [email protected];
– Investigation of the scholarship application forms and selection as they arise.

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