European Countries 15 PhD Positions in Marie Curie ITN Project PERFORM 2018

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European Countries 15 PhD Positions in Marie Curie ITN Project PERFORM 2018

European Countries 15 PhD Positions in Marie Curie ITN Project PERFORM 2018

Scholarship Description: PERFORM, a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN offer fifteen (15) PhD positions in five European countries. PhD candidates will get a unique international,  interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral training in scientific and transferable skills by distinguished leaders from academia and industry.

Fifteen fully funded research positions to develop and hone skills that are key to being a successful and innovative researcher.

The overall goal of PERFORM is to establish a European training network to prepare the next generation of Digital Retail Managers.

Degree Level: These positions are available to pursue PhD programme.

Available Subject: These positions are awarded in the following fields:

  • PhD 1: Transformation Paths of Established Business Models towards Digital Retail (Linneaus University)
  • PhD 2: A road-mapping Tool for Sustainable Business Model Development in Digital Retail (Linneaus University)
  • PhD 3: Compliance Monitoring Legal Risks for Digital Retail (Johannes Kepler University)
  • PhD 4: Psychological Determinants of Dynamic Channel Selection in the Context of Digital Retail (Johannes Kepler University)
  • PhD 5: Analysing In-Store Retail Experience (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria)
  • PhD 6: Conversion Optimisation Technique along the Customer Journey (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria)
  • PhD 7: Digital Retail Technology for Small and Medium Retailers (Dublin City University)
  • PhD 8: Technologies for Integrated Digital Retail Systems (Dublin City University)
  • PhD 9: Demand Shaping Strategies in Omni-channel Retailing (TU Eindhoven)
  • PhD 10: Last Mile Delivery Methods using Smart Logistics Concepts in Omni-channel Retailing (TU Eindhoven)
  • PhD 11: Big Data Opportunities for Enhanced Digital Retail Business Processes (Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG)
  • PhD 12: Digital Retail Reference Scorecard and Visualization (Dublin City University)
  • PhD 13: Recommender Systems for a Connected Customer Journey (AWS-Institut)
  • PhD 14: Using Mixed Reality for Enhanced Product Experience (AWS-Institut)
  • PhD 15: Innovative Payment Paths for Digital RetailRaiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG

Scholarship Benefits: These positions will cover the followings:

  • These ESR enrollments are under very attractive employment conditions and competitive salaries offered in Marie Curie Innovative Training Networks. Fellows will be offered a full-time, fixed-term employment contract for a period of 36 months.
  • The selected ESRs will join top-class research groups and have the unique opportunity to pursue a career in digital retail. Working in this ambitious research project will provide a very strong joint multidisciplinary research training program and should lead the ESRs to the successful completion of a PhD. The mobility among five EU countries and 14 institutions provides fellows with the opportunity to undertake secondments, company visits and training in a multidisciplinary environment which will lead to extensive experience in the promising field digital retail.

Eligible Nationalities:  Applicants of all nationalities are eligible for these positions.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must meet following criteria:

  • Applicants must have a Master’s degree in the wider field of Digital Retail.
  • Applicants have to be in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their research careers (i.e. applicants must have obtained their qualifying Master’s (or equivalent) degree within the past four years at the time of recruitment).
  • Applicants can be of any nationality but are required to undertake trans-national mobility (i.e. move from another country) when taking up the appointment. At the moment of selection, the researcher must not have resided or carried out his/her main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of the host organization for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to their recruitment. Short stays, such as holidays are not taken into account.
  • Applicants have to demonstrate they are able to understand and express themselves in both written and spoken English,
  • Applicants must not have been awarded a PhD yet.

English Language Requirements: Applicants have to demonstrate they are able to understand and express themselves in both written and spoken English.

Application Procedure: Applicants can apply via email.

  • A motivation letter,
  • A CV
  • Master’s degree transcripts, and
  • Any other relevant documents

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Deadline: February 8, 2018