Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso Prize for International Applicants in France, 2017


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The call for applications for the Premio Daniel Carasso 2017 is now open from July 23 to October 23, 2016. The Premio Daniel Carasso is an international prize awarded by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.

It is intended to reward and encourage outstanding scientific research on sustainable food systems and diets for long-term health. The Premio is worth €100,000 and the Laureate becomes the Foundation’s ambassador for sustainable food and diets.


To be eligible, an application must meet the following criteria:

A) The applicant’s must:

  • belong to a non-profit organization ;
  • currently take an active part in research work ;
  • having been conducting research between 10 and 20 years;
  • benefit from a certain degree of recognition from their peers beyond their national border (including but not exclusively through number and quality of publications in peer-reviewed journals or books, talks, classes, conferences, etc.);
  • have proven an interest and ability to engage with and spread messages to his/her peers and other actors, including specifically policy-makers.

B) Their research work:

  • contributes to a better understanding of sustainable food systems and diets for long-term health;
  • comprehensively grasps the systemic nature of food systems (as opposed to a focus on only part of the system);
  • combines most dimensions of sustainability (i.e. environmental, social, economic and health) ;
  • is interdisciplinary: associates and integrates different disciplines (i.e. biological sciences, social sciences, economic sciences, politics, etc.?).
  • is rigorous and innovative.

C) Eligibility is not subject to any geographical limitation in terms of nationality or focus of work.

How to submit applications

Applications may be submitted between 23 July 2016 and 23 October 2016.

The whole application process will be online.  All details of the process will be posted on the Foundation’s website.

Applicants have to register on the online platform and should then submit online:

  • A) The application form, clearly indicating their name and contact details and those of two sponsors from the scientific community who will be asked to write a letter of recommendation if their application is shortlisted.
  • B) The following documents:
  1. A curriculum vitae of their scientific career which should be no longer than 4 pages (in Word or PDF format).
  2. An overview of their research work which should be no longer than 3 pages together with, a summary of work in progress and future projects. The overview and summary should all be in a single Word or PDF file.
  3. A list and brief summary (Word or PDF) of between 5 and 10 publications, whether printed (books, scientific reviews, journal articles, and general interest magazine) or electronic (web-based, audio, video, multimedia, etc.).
  4. A PDF copy of each publication (3MB maximum per file). If it is not possible to upload your publications by Internet for technical reasons, please send them by email to the secretariat or send three hard copies of each publication by postal mail before the closing date for applications.

C) All documents should be in English.

Incomplete applications will not be selected. No applications received after the deadline of 23rd of October 2016, will be considered.

Applicants will be informed by the Prize Secretariat if the Prize Committee selects their application. In that event, they should then send – within a time limit that will be specified – the following documents:

A)  A one-page letter explaining how their current research work and future research plans fit with the goal of the Premio Daniel Carasso i.e. promotes “sustainable foods and diets for long-term health”.

B) A signed, letterhead pledge of support from each sponsor.

C) A declaration of interests stating any participation in any authority of private for-profit companies (scientific committee, board, etc.), and any current or recent (5 years) source of funding from for-profit companies or their foundations.

D) Any additional document requested by the Prize Secretariat.

Apart from the winner, the names of applicants will be kept confidential.

Selection criteria

Eligible submissions shall be reviewed on the basis of the following criteria:

A) Fit with the purpose of the Premio Daniel Carasso :
A.1.) contribution to the development of a systemic vision of “sustainable food systems and diets for long-term health”;
A.2.) success in associating different disciplines, promotion of transdisciplinary research.
B) Scientific achievements:
B.1.) originality and innovativeness of scientific contribution (subjects, methodology, collaboration, etc.) ;
B.2.) recognition of the research by peers.
C) Potential outcomes:
C.1.) potential practical outcomes of research work;
C.2.) proven leadership skills, capacity for networking and collective based work (contribution to creating, organizing, leading and developing researchers’ communities around important topics.)
C.3.) advocacy, mobilization, and commitment to human well-being. Proven interest and ability to engage with and spread messages to other actors, and specifically policy-makers
D) Interest and ability to be an ambassador of the Foundation Daniel et Nina Carasso on the promotion of “sustainable diets and food systems “

How much is the Prize worth?

The winner of the Premio Daniel Carasso receives €100,000 as an individual. He/She can freely donate up to 75% of that amount to a project according to the rules.

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