Fully-funded IIAS Fellowships 2023-2024, Jerusalem, Israel, Application Call

Fully-funded IIAS Fellowships 2023-2024, Jerusalem, Israel, Application Call

Fully-funded IIAS Fellowships 2023-2024, Jerusalem, Israel, Application Call

The IIAS invites scholars from Israel and abroad to submit proposals for an individual fellowship at the IIAS for the 2023-2024 academic year. Topics may cover any research area from any discipline and must seek to be innovative, with the potential to impact research in the field. Two or three scholars who collaborate on the same project should apply individually and state clearly that they wish to work together.

Fellows spend their residency at the IIAS, located at the Edmond J. Safra Givat Ram campus of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The IIAS provides fellows with a nurturing and stimulating academic environment, as well as administrative support. Fellows from abroad receive a generous fellowship and subsidized accommodation.

Our expectation is that the fellow’s residency will result in creative and original research that can be shared with the international research community.

Eligibility to Apply

Scholars may be from Israel or abroad and must have a tenured position with an academic research institution.
Former fellows may apply for an individual fellowship once 10 years have elapsed from the end of their previous term by the beginning of the academic year of their fellowship. This fellowship is not open to postdoctoral researchers.

Period of Residence

The IIAS academic year runs from September 1 to June 30. Residencies are open for either 10 months or 5 months and the proposal should contain the requested period of residency according to the following options:

  • 10-month residencies beginning September 1
  • 5-month residencies beginning September 1 or February 1

Application and Notification Timeline

Applications are to be submitted online between September 1 – December 1 (midnight).

In the online form, the applicant is required to submit the following details:

  1. Personal information
  2. A list of 4 international experts in the candidate’s field and their contact information

In addition to the above, the applicant should provide the following documents:

  1. Letter of Intent (up to 1000 words): description of the project and justification
  2. Professional CV and a full list of publications

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The deadline to submit applications is December 1, 2021 (midnight).

The IIAS will notifiy applicants of the IIAS Academic Committee’s decisions regarding the selected fellows by June 30, 2022.

Fellows from Abroad

Leave of absence from home university

Fellows are responsible for organizing leaves of absence from their home university or research institute for their Fellowship at the IIAS.  The Fellow will notify the IIAS no later than six months prior to commencement of their period of residency (POR) that the leave of absence has been approved.

Benefits and Duties

1. Monthly Stipend

Fellows from abroad receive a monthly stipend of up to $6,000 for every full month of his/her POR.

Apartment rent contributions, utilities and lunch payments will be deducted from the Stipend.

2. Accommodation

Fellows from abroad are entitled to accommodation in a modestly furnished apartment in Jerusalem, maintained by the IIAS, for the POR. Apartment size and location are determined by the Fellow’s family size and needs and by the availability of IIAS apartments. Apartments also include basic appliances. Wi-Fi service is available in all the apartments and is compatible with all computers/cell phones. The apartments are insured.

Each Fellow is required to sign a rental agreement with the IIAS upon arrival and pay a deposit fee of $500. The Fellow is required to pay the IIAS $500 at the beginning of every month of the POR towards costs of utilities of the apartment, and a one-time cleaning fee of $200 at the end of the POR. Extensions for apartment use can be given at an extra cost, and should be discussed with the IIAS.

Fellows who wish to arrange their own accommodation (such as a rental swap) should first consult with the IIAS.

3. Attendance and Absences

Fellows must participate fully in the work of the Research Group for the entire duration of the POR. This participation includes but is not limited to spending their working day at the IIAS in order to participate in RG meetings and seminars. Fellows are expected to be present at the IIAS five days a week, from Sunday to Thursday (“working days”).

Each Fellow is entitled to leaves of absence for up to two working days for every month of the POR. These days include absences for personal and medical reasons as well as absences to fulfil professional obligations not related to the RG (including participation in conferences). All expenses for these personal, medical and external professional obligations are the financial responsibility of the Fellows and will not be reimbursed by IIAS.

The Fellow must request any absence from the IIAS as soon as possible from the IIAS. Approval by the IIAS for this absence will be granted on an individual basis. Unapproved absences will result in deductions from the Fellow’s monthly Stipend.

4. Travel Expenses

Fellows from abroad are entitled to flight reimbursement (roundtrip economy class) from the airport nearest the Fellow’s home university or research institute to Jerusalem, as per HUJI regulations.

A spouse/partner and children under 18 joining the Fellow for more than 80% of his/her POR are entitled to flight reimbursement as well (roundtrip economy class) from the IIAS.

Fellows from abroad are entitled to reimbursement, from the IIAS, for the cost of taxi service from Ben Gurion airport to Jerusalem and back (at the start and end of the POR).

5. Shipping Expenses

Fellows from abroad are entitled to reimbursement from the IIAS for shipping costs of research aids, such as books and computers, as approved by the IIAS: up to $500 each way for from the airport nearest the Fellow’s home university or research institute in America, Australia, Japan or New Zealand to Jerusalem, and up to $300 each way for Fellows whose home university or research institute is in Europe. This amount may be divided into several shipments to and from Jerusalem.

6. Health and Personal Belongings Insurance

Fellows are requested to arrange health insurance covering themselves and their families for the duration of their Fellowship, and the insurance policy must include coverage for COVID-19. Harel Insurance company is recommended by HUJI International Office, and more information about their policies can be found here: https://international.huji.ac.il/book/health-insurance. Fellows are also requested to arrange insurance for their personal belongings.

7. Visa

According to the instructions of the Israeli Ministry of the Interior, Fellows who are not officially on sabbatical from their home universities should obtain an A2 student visa since Israeli visa categories do not include a “researcher” category and a work visa is inapplicable in the absence of an employer-employee relationship between the IIAS and the Fellows. While at the IIAS you will receive a monthly stipend (not a salary), and as an IIAS Fellow, you will not be allowed to work in Israel in any position outside your IIAS Fellowship. Fellows on sabbatical can enter Israel on a tourist visa that The Hebrew University’s International Office will help them extend where relevant. Please note that this agreement is subject to the rules and regulations of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
The IIAS reserves the right to update the fees listed in these terms and conditions to reflect price changes of the services provided.

Full information available on official website HERE.

Deadline: December 1, 2021 (midnight)