Global Leader Scholarship The University of Queensland Australia 2023/24

The university of The University of Queensland Australia 2023/24
Global Leader Scholarship The University of Queensland Australia 2023/24

Global Leader Scholarship The University of Queensland Australia 2023/24

The Terms and Conditions document applies only to international scholarships administered by the International Services Unit (ISU) in the University of Queensland’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Law. There are separate terms and conditions that apply to other scholarships not administered by the ISU team. Note: The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions with notice.

Scholarship Eligibility

This scholarship is for international students applying and enrolling full-time in a chosen coursework program offered by UQ’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Law. For any students wishing to reduce their study load in any given semester, written approval from the Faculty must be obtained.

Scholarship offers

Scholarship offers may be withdrawn if the offer was based on incorrect, incomplete or misleading information. Students should not hold more than one tuition-fee scholarship award during the duration of the program. Scholarship offers that have not been accepted or otherwise not taken up by the specified date on the scholarship offer letter, may be re-offered to another eligible candidate.


All correspondence relating to scholarship application, outcome and acceptances will be sent via email to the email address students included on their application. If students have changed their email address, please submit the updated information directly to the Faculty’s International Services team via [email protected]


Duration and value of scholarship

The duration and value of the scholarship will be outlined in the scholarship offer letter. Any variation of program that affects the duration and/or total value must be approved in writing by Executive Dean, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.


Scholarship payments

The scholarships will be disbursed through:

• Tuition fees waiver (full/partial tuition fees); or

• One-off payment If you are enrolling in a dual degree, the scholarship payment will only be applicable to the BEL program and the courses associated with that program. For recipients receiving full/partial tuition fees or a one-off payment, the scholarship amount will be automatically applied to the student account by the due date for payment of tuition fees.


Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship is payable as a tuition fee reduction for a relevant program within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law. It does NOT provide for:

  • The Student Services Amenities Fee(SSAF);
  • The University of Queensland Application fee;
  • Tuition fees for repeating failedcourses;
  • Late course addition or other administrative enrolment fees;
  • Textbooks or other miscellaneouscosts;
  • Living costs;
  • Return airfare; or
  • Overseas Student


Health Cover

Scholarship deferment Students will not be permitted to defer a scholarship offer to a later semester or year. In cases, where a student is unable to accept the offer due to a personal situation or circumstances the offer will lapse and the student will be required to apply again for the scholarship in a future round. Please note that re-applying for the scholarship neither guarantees nor secures a new scholarship offer.


Scholarship extension

Current scholarship recipients already holding a scholarship award who would like to request an extension of the award due to changes in enrolment, change of program within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law or other extenuating circumstances may request to do so. Please submit a written request with supporting CRICOS Provider Number 00025B September 2022 documents to the Executive Dean, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.


The Executive Dean will only consider requests for an extension for a maximum period of one year. Any decisions in relation to scholarship extension are at the sole discretion of the Executive Dean, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law and no further correspondence shall be entered into.


Termination of Award

The scholarship will be terminated under the following conditions:

  • if, after due inquiry, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law concludes that the student has not fulfilled obligations, or is not making satisfactory progress.
  • a student failing to maintain satisfactory academic progress must show cause why the scholarship should not be cancelled.
  • if the student has not resumed study after an approved maximum period of deferment of 1 year.
  • if the student transfers to another program in UQ orwithdraws from the University. Please note approval from the University is required if a student wishes to transfer or withdraw from the program. The University may require the student to repay the scholarship funds.
  • if the student fails to maintain full-time study.
  • if the student does not complete the academic year at UQ. In the event of a terminated award, all tuition fees waived/ disbursed must be returned and repaid immediately to the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, The University of Queensland.
  • if the student has changed their citizenship status to noninternational student.


Ongoing obligations

  • Ongoing obligations that will be adhered by recipients include:
  • students are expected to fulfill all requirements associated with their student visas.
  • students shall diligently and to the best of their ability apply themselves to the successful completion of theirdegree.
  • students are required to conform to University regulations (including disciplinary provisions).
  • students are required to pay the tuition costs of any failed course which must be repeated.


Mutual obligations

It is required that all scholarship recipients will be active participants in events and activities relating to marketing and promotion of their respective program, School, Faculty and/or The University of Queensland. This may include but is not limited to the following;

  • completion of a testimonial for the Faculty which may be published on the University website or used for other promotional purposes.
  • participation in a photo shoot – images from which may be used for promotional purposes.
  • disclosure of name, UQ program, UQ scholarship, and/or name of previous institution and program studied to authorized UQ partners and representatives. These may include the student’s previous institution, its contractors and agents for purposes related to the promotion of the scholarship and program.
  • assistance in promoting the University of Queensland as a study destination for students from their home country.
  • attendance at a biannual scholarship welcome function ceremony
  • participation in other social events organised by the Faculty exclusively for scholarship students.


Health Insurance

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a compulsory requirement of your student visa. The University has appointed Allianz Global Assistance as the preferred provider for OSHC. Allianz Global Assistance provides UQ students with additional benefits under their OSHC Essentials Cover. This arrangement is only available through UQ and provides you with benefits above the minimum required by the Australian Government.