MMMF Grants of Developing Countries in USA/Canada

MMMF Grants
MMMF Grants of Developing Countries in USA/Canada

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Applications are invited for MMMF grants available for women applicants of developing countries to pursue their degree in the USA and Canada. Applicants must be enrolled at an accredited academic institution at time of application and plan to be enrolled for a full academic year upon receipt of grant. An MMMF grant covers only a portion of the total costs for an academic year. Application deadline is January 16, 2016.

Participating Institution(s): Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund in Canada & USA.

Study Subject: Grant is awarded to study any courses offered by the U.S. or Canadian educational institution.
Degree Level: Grant is available towards the completion of the degree program in Canada and USA.

 Eligibility: The MMMF awards education grants on a competitive basis to exceptional women from developing countries who have financial need and are committed to working to empower women and children. Applications are made online at the MMMF website ( during periods indicated for each program cycle (US/Canada, South Africa and Latin America). Women applying for the MMMF grant must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate a commitment to working to empower women and children in developing countries.
  2. Demonstrate financial need
  3. Intend to return to a developing country within two years of completing degree or intend to remain in developing country at least two years to work towards empowerment of women and children
  4. Are 25 years old at time of application deadline (See detailed instructions on application)
  5. Demonstrate satisfactory academic performance
  6. Be a national of a country listed on the MMMF Country Eligibility List (see list on website)
  7. Be enrolled at an accredited academic institution at time of application and plan to be enrolled for a full academic year upon receipt of grant
  8. Not be a relative of a World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund or Inter-American Development Bank staff or his/her spouse
  9. Have not received a MMMF grant previously
  10. Must be enrolled as a full time student with relevant student visa (see detailed instructions on application)
  11. May not hold:  US citizenship or permanent residency (green card) or Canadian citizenship or Canadian landed immigrant status

Eligible Nationalities: Women applicants from developing countries (Afghanistan, Gambia, Mozambique, Bangladesh, The Guinea, Myanmar, Benin, Guinea-Bisau, Nepal, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Niger, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Cambodia, Korea, Dem Rep., Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Kyrgyz Republic, Somalia, Liberia, Tajikistan, Comoros, Madagascar, Tanzania, Malawi, Togo, Congo, Dem. Rep, Eritrea, Mali, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, Albania, Indonesia, Samoa, Armenia, India, São Tomé and Principe, Belize, Iraq, Senegal, Bhutan, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Bolivia, Kosovo, South Sudan, Cameroon, Lao PDR, Sri Lanka, Cape Verde, Lesotho, Sudan, Congo, Rep., Marshall Islands, Swaziland, Côte d’Ivoire, Micronesia, Fed. Sts., Syrian Arab Republic, Djibouti, Moldova, Timor-Leste, Egypt, Arab Rep., Mongolia, Tonga, El Salvador, Morocco, Ukraine, Fiji, Nicaragua, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Nigeria, Vanuatu, Ghana, Pakistan, Vietnam, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, West Bank and Gaza, Guyana, Paraguay, Yemen, Rep., Honduras, Philippines, Zambia, Angola, Ecuador, Palau, Algeria, Gabon, Panama, American Samoa, Grenada, Peru, Antigua and Barbuda, Iran, Islamic Rep., Romania, Argentina, Jamaica, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Serbia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Seychelles, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, South Africa, Botswana, Lebanon, St. Lucia, Brazil, Libya, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Suriname, Chile, Macedonia, FYR, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Tunisia, Colombia, Maldives, Turkey, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Turkmenistan, Cuba, Mexico, Tuvalu, Dominica, Montenegro and Uruguay) are eligible to apply for these MMMF Grants.


Scholarship Value: An MMMF grant covers only a portion of the total costs for an academic year. Therefore, applicants need to access other financial resources. Disclosure of other resources is required.

Selection Criteria: The MMMF awards education grants on a competitive basis.

Notification: Only the finalists are contacted for a telephone interview after two to three months following the closing date. Unsuccessful applicants are not contacted.

Application Procedure: The mode of applying is online. To submit your application, you must have a valid email address and register to access the application form.  If you already have a registered user account, please click here to start your application or access your saved application form. Before you start the application process make sure you have the following documents in digital (the scans must be in the following formats: pdf – preferred, jpeg or png) form:

  • Passport ID page with a clear photo;
  • Visa page in current passport;
  • Second passport page with clear photo (in case of dual citizenship);
  • Most recent proof of registration from your university; and
  • Most recent university transcripts and/or reports.

Application Form

Deadline: The application deadline is 16 January 2016.

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