PhD Scholarship in Green Accounting for Australian in Australia, 2018

PhD Scholarship
PhD Scholarship in Green Accounting for Australian in Australia, 2018

PhD Scholarship in Green Accounting for Australian in Australia, 2018

Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for Ph.D. Scholarship Opportunity in Green Accounting for Domestic as well as International students to study in Australia. This is a 3-year Ph.D. program of research at the Hawkesbury Institute for the environment, investigating opportunities and benefits associated with urban tree and shrub plantings under future climates.

This project aims to address the following questions: How effective are different plant species in reducing local temperatures and improving air quality in our cities? How can planting design be optimized to support high levels of biodiversity? How are the co-benefits (i.e. ecosystem services) of urban plantings influenced by soil conditions (e.g. water holding capacity) and planting context (e.g. street trees versus parks and gardens)?

To ensure that plantings in urban regions across Australia are sustainable into the future, we will assess a wide variety of plants and turf to see how well they will cope with the climate conditions of tomorrow. The Which Plant Where program is a five-year series of research that will find out where current favorites are unlikely to thrive under the more extreme climates that Australian cities face, learn from past successes, and stress-test major landscape species to find opportunities for new species and varieties to be planted.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Ph.D. programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded in the field of Green Accounting.

Scholarship Benefits: What does the scholarship provide?

  • Domestic students will receive a tax-free stipend of $27,082 per annum for up to 3 years and a funded place in the doctoral degree.
  • International students will receive a tax-free stipend of $27,082 per annum for up to 3 years. Those with a strong track record receive a tuition fee waiver and Overseas Student Health Cover (single policy).
  • Funding is available for conference travel and attendance.

Eligible Nationalities: Applications are open to international candidates as well as Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

Eligibility Criteria: Relevant professional experience in the broad area of horticulture, agriculture or forestry will be viewed favorably. As a minimum, the successful applicant should:

  • Hold qualifications and experience equal to one of the following (i) an Australian First Class Bachelor (Honours) degree, (ii) coursework Masters with at least 25% research component, (iii) Research Masters degree, or (iv) equivalent overseas qualifications.
  • Demonstrate research experience in ecological data analyses with a plant or invertebrate biology focus.
  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Have relevant fieldwork experience.
  • Be enthusiastic and highly motivated to undertake further study at an advanced level in laboratory and field environments.
  • International applicants must also demonstrate a high-level of English language proficiency.

Application Procedure: 

  1. Contact Professor Sally Power ( to discuss your eligibility, the project requirements and your intention to apply.
  2. Complete the scholarship application form
  3. Compile your CV, contact information for two referees and a one-page proposal stating how your research interests align with the project aims.
  4. Ensure all documentation is certified according to Western Sydney University requirements.
  5. All applications and supporting documentation must be submitted directly to the Graduate Research School as follows:
  • Use the email subject line: Application_2018_070_HIE
  • Submit to
  • All attached documents must be submitted as PDF.
  • In the body of your email, include your full name, your student ID (if you are a current or previous Western Sydney University student) and the full title of the scholarship/project.

Incomplete applications or applications that do not conform to the above requirements will not be considered.

Please contact the Graduate Research School via email at for more information.

Application Form

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Deadline: March 18, 2018