University of Atacama, INCT UDA Fully Funded International PHD Scholarship in Chile, 2019

University of Atacama
University of Atacama, INCT UDA Fully Funded International PHD Scholarship in Chile, 2019

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Scholarship Description: INCT UDA is inviting applications for a 4 year PhD program fully funded by UDA. The positions are open to candidates from any country.

The PhD program in astronomy and planetary science at UDA aims to deliver a doctoral training of excellence that enables its graduates to perform original and independent research.

Scholarship Provider: The Institute of Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences of Atacama (INCT) is one of the main structures of the University of Atacama. The principal activity of the INCT is to perform scientific research in astrophysics. INCT is responsible for teaching the PhD program in astrophysics at UDA.

Degree Level: Positions are available PhD programme.

Available Subject: Positions are awarded in various fields of astronomy and planetary sciences.

Available Research Topics

  1. Extrasolar planets
  2. Solar System
  3. Planetary Geology
  4. Star Formation
  5. Stellar Evolution
  6. Milky Way Structure
  7. Stellar Clusters
  8. Galaxy Formation and Evolution
  9. Extragalactic astronomy
  10. Theoretical Cosmology

Scholarship Benefits: University of Atacama PhD students are fully-funded for four years (subject to a 18 month probation period). The salary is in accordance with Chilean CONICYT grants, and is set to 650,000 CLP net per month. Additional grants can be provided for tutoring and teaching duties for undergraduate courses.

Number of Scholarships: 4 positions are available.

Eligible Nationalities: The positions are open to candidates from any country.

Entrance Requirements: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

The positions are open to candidates from any country. The successful candidates must have a MSc degree (or equivalent) in astronomy, astrophysics, physics, geology or any related topic to planetary science by the PhD starting date, which will be March 2019. Positions will be available across a range of fields of research where the INCT is active, including solar system, exoplanets, planetary geology, astrobiology, star formation, Galactic structure, and theoretical cosmology. Students must speak fluent English and be willing to publish in peer review journals. Students will have access to the Chilean telescope time of ESO, ALMA, Gemini, LCO, CTIO, and they will also have access to the Atacama high altitude laboratory (currently under construction) to perform research in astrobiology and planetary analogs.

Application Procedure: The following documents must be sent by October 31, 2018 in a single pdf file to inct @

  • Cover letter
  • CV with current information (2 pages maximum, sample) and publication list.
  • Proof of degree (the legalized copy or original must be presented if accepted).
  • Undergraduate list of courses, including final marks
  • In addition to the above, 2 recommendation letters must be sent directly at inct @

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Deadline: October 31, 2018